An Introduction to Palladium Investing in 2013

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Palladium investing in 2013 is, for many Americans, one of the more attractive options for protecting their money in the face of a volatile market. Many investors today have learned the hard way to make at least a few strong, market-resistant investments. The economic crash of 2008 and the subsequent years of instability have had a devastating toll on the investments on a huge number of people. Protecting money from another possible economic recession is more important than ever in this day and age.

One of the most dependable ways to keep money safe is to hold cash in a bank account. Such accounts can be a valuable backup in the case of a market collapse, though there’s small opportunity there for significant growth. This is one reason why investing in precious metals has seen a rise in popularity. Palladium, in particular, is in limited supply, making palladium investing in 2013 something to consider.

Precious metals in general continue to enjoy the popularity that comes from being associated with wealth and beauty, as well as from an ever-growing variety of practical uses. When these factors are combined with the inherent scarcity of these resources, the resulting conclusion is that these precious metals will always hold some value.

Among the precious metals, palladium is perhaps the more practical. It’s most common use is in catalytic converters to produce cleaner exhaust from cars, though it is also used in some jewelry as a cheaper alternative to other precious metals. However, considerations for palladium investing in 2013 should revolve more around the fact that this metal is much cheaper than its closest alternative, platinum. Though the worth of palladium fell sharply after the 2008 economic crash, it has since rebounded.

Industrial uses are where palladium most frequently finds purpose, and investors should do their due diligence in researching industry trends that affect palladium such as the manufacture of cleaner cars. Though new technology could decrease the need for palladium, the demand for cars with catalytic converters in developing countries is increasing. This is an important and timely issue that merits good research from anyone interested in palladium investing in 2013.

How to Purchase Palladium
Palladium is a good option for a diversified portfolio. Like other precious metals, it is available in bullion and can provide a tangible hedge as part of a strategy that includes other more high-risk securities. It’s more difficult to purchase than gold, silver or platinum, but vendors for palladium bars can be found with a little research. In addition, both the Canadian and U.S. governments mint palladium coins at certain times for purchase. Other countries such as China produce palladium editions of their coins from time to time.

A more popular option for palladium investing in 2013 is an exchange-traded fund. Just like owning a stock, an ETF depends on the rise and fall of the market. Though the investor won’t actually own the palladium physically, significant earnings can be made based on a rising market value.

As awareness of precious metals as valuable long-term investment options increases, palladium investing in 2013 is becoming a unique opportunity because of the metal’s many industrial uses and its cheapness relative to gold, silver and platinum. Rising interest in palladium is giving it an important place in the growing precious metals market. Many Americans are seeing an opportunity now to claim a part of this developing market while also diversifying their portfolio. Ultimately, their success in this precious metal will hinge on a thorough understanding of their investment goals as well as a current market awareness of palladium investing in 2013

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