Making The Right Decision For Your Home And The Environment

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Switching to solar power is easy; choosing what company to help you make that switch may not be such a simple decision. With so many different companies to choose from, advertisements barraging you from all sides, and all sorts of strange, recondite statistics and facts, selecting the right company can seem a daunting and overwhelming task.

To help make your decision easier, Verengo Solar has designed its website for customer convenience, and you can see why so many people have chosen Verengo Solar to aid them in their transition from traditional energy in their homes to solar power.

Verengo’s goal is to secure its customers’ trust, and this is achieved through superior customer service and always putting the needs of the customer ahead of potential gains. At Verengo, it all starts with saving you money, and you can discover the savings you have been missing out on by going online and completing a submission form to get a quote on your estimated monthly savings with solar power.

At Verengo, only the most personable, amicable, knowledgeable, and skilled solar experts are hired, so you can rest assured knowing that whether you are calling for more information, having solar inverters and panels installed in your home, or getting repairs done to your existing unit, Verengo staff will treat you with the respect and quality care you deserve, getting the job done as quickly and quietly as possible.

Verengo has built its reputation on the pillars of the acronym T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Each of these letters stands for one of the unique traits of Verengo.

‘T’ represents the trust that Verengo earns with every customer that chooses CA solar power from Verengo. ‘R’ stands for the responsibility Verengo pledges when undertaking your business and equipping your home with solar power, with ‘U’ indicates the uncompromising approach  Verengo assumes in getting you the best solar products for your money, and saving you money as promised.

‘S’ is for smart, and Verengo always learns from experience, improving every day with your help and feedback, and working to make your solar experience the best it can be. Because Verengo and you make such a great team, ‘T’ stands for team, and just as you rely on Verengo for great solar power and customer service, Verengo counts on you to trust in their work.

‘E’ is the enthusiasm that Verengo and its employees have and the excitement that is evidenced when you give Verengo the opportunity to be your partner in acquiring solar power, and last, but perhaps most importantly, the ‘D’ in TRUSTED is for the dynamic that Verengo welcomes in pushing for change and for a better energy source, for a better tomorrow.

Resting on its laurels and this foundational acronym, Verengo has earned the trust of so many, and is waiting with alacrity to service you, and provide your home with the best solar power in the United States.

Not only has Verengo earned the trust of thousands of customers, but many companies and organizations non-profit and otherwise have sought out partnerships with Verengo, taking notice of this young, bubble company.

In just over half a decade of solarizing Americans and their homes, Verengo has managed to grow over 700 percent as a company, hire 900 new employees, climb to the top of the residential solar power rankings list, and earn the highest possible ratings with the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance.

Verengo has been in the spotlight many times before whether it is on the radio, television, or in the newspapers, and you can find all of the information regarding Verengo’s publicity and partnerships at