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According to the Gold Gazette many financiers like to invest in gold bullion coins and bars. However, other investors and coin collectors enjoy the adventure that comes from buying and selling rare gold coins. Gold bullion bars and bullion coins have their value directly tied to the spot market price of gold. Yet, there are other factors that come into play when assessing what rare gold coins are worth.

Coin Week says that that you must learn the basics before you venture into buying and selling rare coins. This allows you to focus and develop a plan when investing in rare coins. Part of this plan might be to attend coin shows and auctions. Moreover, reading rare coin books, subscribing to coin magazines, and browsing rare coin websites on the Internet are also good ways to increase your knowledge.

Like gold bullion coins, rare gold coins do receive some of their value based on the gold content within the coin, along with gold purity and the current gold spot price. However, rare coin worth is also based on, coin condition, age, coin collector demand, historical significance, and coin rarity. It is the challenge of taking all of these factors into consideration that makes determining the worth of rare gold coins exhilarating.

The Gold Gazette suggests that new coin collectors team up with a mentor before venturing out into the rare coin market. The mentor can go into the field with you allowing you to learn first-hand the factors that influence coin values, like scratches, blemishes, and mint years. Moreover, you will learn the tell-tale signs of counterfeit and cleaned coins. Old rare coins are usually not bright and shiny. If you run into a shiny old coin it might have been cleaned by the seller, and is likely worthless.

Perhaps the most enjoyment regarding rare coin investments comes from the hunt. The Internet has made buying rare gold coins easier and faster than ever before. Of course, you must put in the leg work and research coin brokers before you buy. This allows you to purchase at a sensible price, but you also get peace of mind knowing you have dealt with an honest coin broker, such as
gold coins
If you are going to invest in gold bullion coins advises that you only buy North American gold bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle because they are typically easier to sell than the South African Krugerrand. In addition, they suggest you hold onto your investment for at least three years. Moreover, one ounce coins are preferred over fractional amounts because they carry higher premiums, and you should strive to keep your bullion coin purchases below a 5 percent premium.

To conclude, gold coins are hot because the economy continues to struggle. There are two categories of gold coins to invest in, bullion coins and rare gold coins. Gold bullion coins have their worth tied to gold’s market price. Rare gold coins also have their value tied to gold’s spot, but coin grade, mint date, and demand for the coin place a coin collector value on the coin. Still, buying bullion and rare coins can be risky business if the wrong broker is selected. Buying from the most trusted name in coins, eliminates this problem.


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