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Many precious metal investors choose to invest in gold as a way to protect their hard-earned money against financial turmoil and inflation. These investors often turn to to purchase rare (numismatic) coins, gold coins and gold bullion as a hedge against nonperforming stocks and bonds.

Today, there are literally hundreds of thousands of investors from all over the globe that have been successful in purchasing gold bullion to increase the value of their portfolio. Investing in gold coins and gold bullion is a viable way to stabilize an investment portfolio, and is a way that has been proven effective for decades.

Over the course of the last 10 years, the price of gold has quadrupled and continues to climb even higher now and in the near future. One of the reasons for the increase in price is due to the flat line gold production around the world. Without a new influx of gold in the market, the price of the precious metal continues to rise due to an ever-increasing demand.

Defining Gold Bullion
Gold bullion from is sold in a variety of forms including gold coins and bars. Unlike gold jewelry, gold bullion is typically sold very close to the market price of gold that is valued on the day you purchase it.

By definition, bullion is basically a phrasing that defines a precious metal that has been “stamped and refined weight.” In the current market, today’s gold bullion is typically found as gold bars or gold coins.

The Weight of Gold
Although gold coins can be defined as gold bullion, they typically cost a bit more than a bar because there is usually more work in producing a coin than in producing a bar. With the smallest gold bar available weighing in at only 1 gram, it is possible to spend just a little money to start investing in gold.

In the industry, a standard gold coin will weigh one troy ounce, or 31.1034768 grams. Additionally, at, gold bars are sold in sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 400 ounces, or 12.441 kg. Larger gold bars of heavier weight might be the best way to go when investing large sums of money.

A Gold Bar
Whenever purchasing a gold bar, consider buying one of heavy weight at a price you can afford. The larger the bar, the greater value it will have per ounce. Larger bars tend to sell much closer to the actual gold market price, which makes your purchase much less expensive per ounce.
Rare Numismatic Coins
Gold Bullion Coins
Not every gold bullion coin is fabricated with 24-karat gold, and it might be blended with other metals that are used to make the coin more durable. However, any standard gold bullion coin will always contain a minimum of 21.6-karat gold. Many entry-level gold investors choose gold bullion coins because of their smaller 1-ounce size.

For the profit-seeking gold investor, it is always important to purchase gold bullion coins that have the most pure value of gold. To do that means never purchasing gold coins with any nominal value.

As Currency
For as long as there has been gold, there has been gold currency. This means there are many numismatic, or rare, coins still in circulation and available for sale at Many of these coins have a higher worth due to their historical value and rarity.

Why Invest?
Some investors choose to purchase ETF shares instead of buying actual gold bullion. While there is convenience in owning ETF shares, holding possession of real gold bullion gives you full control over what to do with your investment in times of economic distress.

For the investor eager to purchase gold bullion, offers competitive pricing and a wide selection of gold options.

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