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It is becoming increasingly difficult to find coins from the pre-Civil War era. Coins, like anything else from that period of time, are now rare and extraordinarily valuable, and investors, collectors, and history buffs with an interest in the period have a hard time finding the collectibles that will satisfy their curiosity.

However, for a limited time only, those who want to own a real piece of pre-Civil War American history can do so by shopping at MonacoRareCoins, which is one of the country’s most respected dealers of rare, valuable, and collectible coins. Right now, is offering collectors two separate specimens that are directly linked to the California Gold Rush, which was a pivotal event in the development of the American West and, indeed, of the entire country.

A Rare $50 Coin
The first of these coins, which has been dubbed the Kellog “Quintuple Eagle,” is a perfectly faithful replica of a $50 coin that was cut by authorities in the California territory in the 1850s, almost ten years before the start of the Civil War and decades before California formally joined the Union as an officially recognized state. This Quintuple Eagle would have been exceptionally rare even in those days; $50 at the time was an extraordinary sum of money to carry at one time, and only the most affluent of California citizens and businesses would have dealt in these Quintuple Eagles. That has made the coin highly sought after by collectors and dealers, and the opportunity to own a solid gold replica of a Quintuple Eagle is not to be missed.
Quintuple Eagle
The Quintuple Eagle replicas now on sale from are made with lustrous and beautiful gold, but there’s more to the story than that. This gold was mined and processed during the very California Gold Rush that supplied the gold used in the original Quintuple Eagles. So not only is the coin itself of historical interest, but the material used to produce it is equally rare and interesting for collectors. Of course, in this day and age, it is exceptionally rare to find coins or other collectibles minted using the gold of the California Gold Rush. Most such gold has been used and reused, melted down and parted until it is no longer identifiable as having been from that time period. This gold, however, is entirely traceable to the California of the 1850s, and collectors and investors can buy with full confidence that they are getting a real piece of California and American history.

A Horseman for Any Collection
Collectors familiar with nineteenth century American coins will need no introduction to the Baldwin Horseman which, like the “Quintuple Eagle,” was a coin minted in the California territory in the 1850s. The Baldwin Horseman, in fact, was only minted in 1855, and carried a value of ten dollars, which meant that it too was only available in very limited supply. Today, a genuine Baldwin Horseman is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, and available only to a small and select class of collectors.

However, is proud to carry a solid gold reproduction of that famed Baldwin Horseman. This reproduction, which has been dubbed the “Forty-Niner Horseman,” is also made of solid gold that was mined during the 1850s in California. The gold was lost for decades after the ship carrying it sank in the Pacific. It has only recently been recovered, and it is highly unusual in that it can be traced directly to the California Gold Rush. Collectors who act now can have this Forty-Niner Horseman for a small fraction of the cost of a genuine Baldwin Horseman—but they will also get the knowledge that they own a true piece of California Gold Rush history.

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