Becoming More Environmentally Friendly Using VerengoSolar Products

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A major component of being more ecofriendly involves reducing the impact that humans have on the environment around them. One of the most substantial ways that people have influenced the environment and atmosphere is by using power sources that release harmful gasses, often referred to as greenhouse emissions. One way that homeowners throughout New York, New Jersey and California are combatting this behavior is by utilizing VerengoSolar residential solar energy systems.

The Shortfalls of the Current Common Energy Sources
Throughout many generations, people have relied upon oil, natural gas and coal in order to power their homes. Even today, the majority of homeowners continue to use these resources in order to enjoy electricity and to heat and cool their houses. Each of these resources is non-renewable and will continue to rise in cost as their stores are depleted.

When coal, natural gas and coal are turned into energy, they must be burned. The combustion process necessary to generate the energy produces byproducts in the form of emissions that build up in the atmosphere. This pollution is harmful to humans, and the environment, in numerous ways. The drilling, mining and extracting processes necessary to gather these resources is also often dangerous for the environment and anyone who might inhabit the area.

VerengoSolar Energy Systems Offer Much Cleaner Alternatives
Residential solar power systems provide the ideal solution for homeowners who wish to operate a sustainable, green house. First of all, sunlight is the ultimate renewable resource. As long as the sun continues to rise, then the world will have abundant access to this power source.

Regardless of the number of people who choose to switch to a solar energy system, there will not be a shortage of sunshine. The systems also have the ability to store excess solar energy to be used throughout the night and on overcast days.

The other reason that VerengoSolar installations create a more environmentally conscious house is because the process of turning the sunlight into energy is clean and combustion free. As there is no combustion that takes place, there are no emissions that are released into the air.

Opponents to solar energy claim that the production of the solar panels themselves produces emissions, which offsets the benefit. However, these systems have become increasingly efficient, requiring fewer and fewer panels. Also, once the system is installed, the house is able to generate clean power for many years, whereas other energy systems would continually be producing harmful emissions.

Residential Solar Energy Makes Great Economical Sense
While switching to solar power is a great way to support the environment, many homeowners are highly motivated to make the transition to a VerengoSolar power system because of financial incentives. Thanks to lowering installation costs and financial incentives from the state and federal government, residential solar energy systems have becoming increasingly affordable and accessible for homeowners.

Once the solar panels have been installed, the home can essentially become its own private utility company, generating its own electricity. The house remains connected to the local power grid. Therefore, it is possible to purchase small amounts of energy, if necessary.

In states that have solar power credit programs and very sunny climates, such as California, there may be cases when the state will actually pay the homeowner for having a VerengoSolar energy system. In some cases, there may be months when the residential solar power system creates a surplus of electricity that is not needed by the household. That power enters the power grid. Depending upon the state, the homeowner can actually be paid for the extra energy that they produce.

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