Enhances Energy Efficiency and Savings for Homeowners

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Energy prices just keep rising, and that price hike has been felt through all levels of society. Homeowners in California have been especially hard hit by increasing electricity rates, rolling blackouts and other problems. Thankfully, there are viable solutions available. Solar panels can offer quite a few advantages for homes throughout California, and provides not only the highest efficiency panels, but expert installation and advice for homeowners looking into their options as well.

What Can Solar Panels Offer?

Anyone considering adding solar panels to their home should have a good understanding of the benefits offered by this technology. Interestingly, there are myriad advantages here, and they’re not all tied to energy production, either. solar panels can offer homeowners:

  • Greater Energy Independence – Solar energy is available all day, with no cost at all. Unlike traditional energy generation methods, sunlight doesn’t have to be mined from the earth or come with potential devastation like nuclear power. This means that homeowners installing panels on their homes are able to cut their dependency on the power grid, though total independence might not be feasible.
  • Saving Money – Perhaps the most sought-after benefit of solar technology is the cost-saving benefits here. Because solar energy doesn’t come at a price, the only cost involved is the purchase of the solar panels and other equipment. That investment pays for itself in a very short time as well, particularly if a system is able to produce enough electricity to significantly reduce consumption from the grid.
  • Temperature Reduction – While most benefits of solar solutions are tied to solar power generation, that’s not the whole story. In the case of a roof-mounted system, homeowners get the added benefit of reduced temperatures in their home. Solar panels block sunlight from striking the roof and being absorbed, which is one of the most significant sources of unwanted heating in the home (necessitating air conditioning).

Energy Independence

While complete independence from the power grid is possible, most homeowners will find that they’re happier remaining tied into the grid, even if they do produce enough electricity from their panels to take care of all their energy needs. This is because solar panels offer a way to not only save money, but to actually make money. When a system produces more energy than a home needs and that system is tied to the grid, excess energy is fed back into the power grid, essentially turning the home’s electric meter backwards. The utility company actually pays for this electricity, giving homeowners the chance to earn money from the power company rather than paying out to them.

Total energy independence is possible, but it requires significant expertise in system design and layout, as well as a full evaluation of a home’s location to forecast optimum energy creation. can provide expert installers and solar professionals to help any homeowner realize the incredible advantages available through this renewable energy source. From single-panel systems to full independence, savings and freedom are right around the corner.

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