Investing in Gold How Investors Obtain the Lowest Monex Prices

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There are 10 tips that every investor should follow when investing their money in gold and silver. These tips include:

Be Sure to Always Take Delivery of Your Purchase

While nearly all paper-trading instruments, and even most tangible assets, cannot be delivered and held, purchased gold and silver coins and bullion can be held and stored by the investor.

Minimize Any Additional Premium Whenever You Can

When purchasing modern large issue coinage, including the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf and the South African Krugerrand, you will have to pay a small premium for the mintage. However, attempt to keep the premiums to a minimum. This can be accomplished by purchasing gold or silver bullion bars.

Only Buy Bullion for Your Investments, and Leave Numismatics for Fun

Consider purchasing gold and silver bullion strictly as an investment, and collect rare or numismatic coins for the fun and excitement of enjoying your historical, aesthetically pleasing investment. Check Monex prices for the best values online.

Consider Adding Silver to Your Investments, and Not Just Gold

Many investors that choose to purchase gold bullion bars and coins to diversify their investment portfolio, neglect-purchasing silver. However, silver can be an exceptional addition to any portfolio because it has substantially increased in price over the last few decades. You will find the best values and low Monex prices at

Only Buy Gold in Small Quantities First, and Then Large Quantities

Gold and silver bullion bars can be purchased in very small quantities, totaling only a few grams, all away up to 600 ounces. When first beginning your investments, consider purchasing gold in small quantities, and then you can add larger bars and coins later on. This will give you the opportunity to have small quantities of gold (without a premium) that can be sold without the need to convert large bars for cash.

Leave Exotic Coins and Modern Rarities to Professional Numismatics

While investors can make great profits by buying and selling modern rarity and exotic coins, it is often best left to the professional numismatics (coin collectors). When it is the investor’s desire to increase the size of their portfolio, and diversify their assets, it is best to stick with gold and silver bullion bars and coins. Investors can find low Monex prices at

Trust Your Dealer

It is essential to trust the dealer when purchasing your gold and silver bullion bars and coins. Many investors turn to at because of their low Monex prices on a wide assortment of gold and silver products. By trusting your dealer, you can be assured of always getting the best prices and quick delivery.

Invest Heavily in Instruments Not Restricted by the Government

Paper trading investments including stocks, bonds and treasury bills are managed and maintained by the US government. Following rules and regulations, all paper trades must be recorded. Alternatively, investors can purchase gold and silver bullion coins without any paper trail. Investing heavily in non-restricted instruments is a great way to move your wealth. Its portability provides the opportunity to sell it internationally, or anywhere in the world that accepts gold in exchange for cash.

Just like any type of investment, purchasing gold and silver bullion bars and coins requires some research. It is essential to make sure that this is the right type investment for your portfolio. The experienced staff at Monex can help ensure the proper diversification of your investment portfolio. Their knowledge can be a great benefit to any investor wishing to purchase gold and silver. They make the process non-intimidating and simple. They can help you understand how to buy precious metals, which gold and silver products make the best investment, and exactly how to obtain the lowest Monex prices.

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