Silver Might be the Best Investment

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The stock market and gold seem to get all the media attention. Certainly, to those who follow these markets staying in tune with them is important. Yet, according to Investing Silver News silver has the ability to overcome obstacles and rise in price. Silver is always in the shadow of gold, but is a worthy investment in its own right. Gold investors should diversify into silver because there are times silver does better than the popular yellow metal.

New investors might be put off by gold’s high spot price, currently over $1700 an ounce. At just over $34 per ounce, silver is much less expensive while offering similar investing benefits to that of gold. Consider that Moody’s recently downgraded France’s credit rating and stated that the economic outlook of the country is poor, silver’s spot increased in response. Even the FED chairman’s recent statement warning of the consequences of the fiscal cliff looming in the US did not bother silver. Its price did dip, but quickly recovered and even posted a modest gain.

You can track both the gold and silver spot price on the Monex website. Since silver tends to follow what gold does, the silver investor should keep an eye on both. Most of us know that gold has been on a 12 year bull run. Yet, silver too over the last 13 years has been on an upward trend too, according to Silver Market Update. Many analysts believe the current rise in silver will continue making the metal an even more attractive investment. Silver Market Update is bullish on silver due to its recent performance.

As mentioned the fiscal cliff in the US and France’s recent credit downgrade are enough to shake confidence in stocks. Add the continued bad debt news coming out of Greece and Spain it is easy to see why stocks are mixed. If gold is out of your reach you should consider investing in silver. This metal, like gold can be used as a hedge against the ups and downs of the stock market. These are tough times and an investment portfolio too heavy in paper investments is indeed risky. Adding silver to your portfolio lowers this risk substantially.

If you already have gold or silver investments, this is the perfect time to add more of these metals, because their spot prices are likely to climb. At $34 ounce silver is a great buy, and it only helps investors cushion the blow of bad stock days. It is important to note that only tangible gold or silver should be used for investing. Mining stocks is not the same thing as owning physical precious metals. If you want to protect your assets only tangible precious metals are worthy of investment.

In conclusion, stocks and gold tend to be in the media’s spotlight. These are major investment markets and should be in the news. Yet, silver has been remarkably stable and is again on the rise. The outlook is bullish for silver, and at only $34 per ounce it is a real bargain. The best place to buy silver bullion is from, a trusted precious metal broker. They offer investors over 40 years of silver investing experience.

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