State Incentives to Go Solar

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Going solar has many homeowners in NJ, NY, and CA excited, and for good reason!  No other long-term investment saves people so much money, without any sort of risk whatsoever.  Household costs are already high, and they are only going to keep rising.  Rather than continuing to pay way too much for fuel-based power, many progressive homeowners have discovered that they can save thousands of dollars on utility costs, year after year after year.

The facts speak for themselves; solar power makes sense these days.  There are plenty of benefits that come with solar power, and people are quickly starting to realize this.  Residential solar power is not just for the wealthy anymore.  Today, people from all different financial backgrounds are installing solar panels with fantastic results.  Now is truly an exciting time for anyone who has ever considered going solar, but could not afford it. 

Because of the many environmental concerns that have become increasingly prominent (especially global warming), there has been many changes implemented to make it easy for people to switch to clean energy.  It is absolutely essential that people stop relying on fossil fuels and start embracing the renewable energy sources that are available.  If we continue to depend on fossil fuels, the consequences are going to be dire.  That is why both state and federal governments are making it possible to go solar cheaply by providing people with rewards programs and incentives.

In New Jersey, solar users will receive what is known as a SREC or Solar Renewable Energy Credit for each megawatt-hour of solar power generated.  These are essentially receipts that verify that that amount of power was used.  These SRECs can be bought and sold freely, usually for around $560 each.  The average household will usually receive a SREC every two months or so, sometimes even more often.  That is $280 per month that can be used to pay off the equipment and installation costs!

California is well-known for their generous solar rewards programs.  Sunny California is perfect for solar power and many of the homes running solar power are some of the most efficient on the planet.  CA residents can enjoy tax credits, rebates, net-metering, cash-back, grants, and much more.  California is undoubtedly one of the best places to switch to solar power.  Every day there is a tremendous amount of sun beating down on the roof; why not start taking advantage of it?

New York is another great place to go solar, due to the fact that they can earn money by selling their excess power back to the grid.  Using a grid-tied system and free monitoring equipment allows NY homes to push excess power back into the grid, resulting in the utility companies buying the surplus power at the end of the month.  This is a simple and highly effective way for solar users to cut down on costs.

It is plain to see that in many cases solar energy systems pay for themselves.  Even if these generous government incentives were not in place, solar power would still be a sound financial investment.  After paying off all of the equipment, the average solar energy system will have a solid 20+ years of life left in it – in many cases much more.  There are systems from the 70′s that are over 40 years old and still producing over 80% efficiency.  Today’s modern PV systems are even more powerful, so there is no telling just how long they will keep providing free power to households.

The verengo solar company services CA, NY, and NJ, and provides the lowest prices, without sacrificing the quality that people demand.  These days, state incentives to go solar are more generous than ever, but they won’t be around forever!  Now is the time to start using clean solar power at home.

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