Where to Find Rare Silver and Gold Coins during 2013

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Investing in rare gold and silver coins have gained more popularity during the last couple of years. This is in part due to the economic crisis of 2009. A lot of people, upon losing their jobs or suffering from pay cuts, decided to seek out alternative forms of investments, such as rare gold and silver coins. This is because rare coins can maintain their value, even when the value of paper United States currency depletes. They are also tangible items, unlike stocks and bonds, which make the risks of investment a lot lower.

There are many types of rare coins that will bring you superior wealth and are good to invest in. Read the rest of this informative article to learn more about these types of coins and also about rare coin news.

The Difference between Base Value and Rarity Value
Part of the reason for the increase in rare silver and gold coin valuation is because of the base metal that they are minted from rising in value. Silver has always been seen as the least valuable precious metals in contrast to gold, palladium and platinum. Because of this fact, many average people can afford to buy it in silverware, jewelry coins and other types of forms.

Silver is worth $28.50, which is an $8 increase over where it was valued at five years ago. The shiny and gray-colored precious metal also was valued at $49 per ounce during mid 2011. This fluctuation of value has led to the floor price of silver rising.

The state and condition of the silver rare coin plays a big part in its value. Its age is also an important factor too. The older the coin is, the more it will be worth. Consequently, if the coin is old and in pristine condition it will be worth a lot too.

Types of Rare Silver Coins in the United States
It is important to note the types of rare silver coins that are available for purchase in the United States. One kind of valuable silver coin is known as the Bust Dollar and is worth about $500 to $700 per coin. The coin showcases a bust image on one side and was minted between the years of 1794 and 1803. These rare coins are greatly coveted by dealers and coin collectors alike.

Another rare type of silver coin that is very valuable is the Morgan Dollar. These are a particular type of coin that have different varieties and were minted during a time when production was extremely low. The Morgan Dollars also contain a very high silver content and were minted between 1921 and 1935.

The Seated Liberty Dollar is a type of silver and rare coin that was minted between the years of 1840 and 1873. One side has an image of a seated Lady Liberty and the other side features an eagle. These coins are worth a lot of money and are good to invest in.

Some more modern silver coins include the silver eagle. These coins are also in high demand because the United States Mint is not producing enough silver coins to meet the demand of the public. Due to this, the Mint sold out of the silver coins it produced within months. So it is wise to also collect modern silver coins as well.

If you add rare silver coins to your investment portfolio, you can be sure to enjoy a lot of wealth and success. You just need to know what types of rare and silver coins to buy.

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