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Lead By Example

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Rate this post Many new constructs will already have solar paneling installed to them within the next few years and those who already own homes are enthused to update with this innovative part of modern technology as well. Solar panels are a non-obtrusive, excellent way to add a sense of ethics to a home property […]

State Incentives to Go Solar

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Rate this post Going solar has many homeowners in NJ, NY, and CA excited, and for good reason!  No other long-term investment saves people so much money, without any sort of risk whatsoever.  Household costs are already high, and they are only going to keep rising.  Rather than continuing to pay way too much for […]

Three Reasons Why Going Solar Makes Sense

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Rate this post Millions of people all over the world rely on the sun to power their homes and businesses.  Today’s photovoltaic systems are extremely reliable and effective, and they are only getting better.  These days, switching over to solar power simply makes sense, as many of the obstacles standing in the way have been […]

VerengoSolar.com Enhances Energy Efficiency and Savings for Homeowners

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Rate this post Energy prices just keep rising, and that price hike has been felt through all levels of society. Homeowners in California have been especially hard hit by increasing electricity rates, rolling blackouts and other problems. Thankfully, there are viable solutions available. Solar panels can offer quite a few advantages for homes throughout California, […]